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Quote Of The Day:

"There is no greater form of self
revelation than to look in the eyes of a
rescued horse."

~New Horizons Equine Center

"From Sulky to Sand Ring -
Providing Second Careers for Off-The-Track
Whiter Than Snow ~  At 17 hands high, this 8 yr old pacing mare was almost too big for
her own good on the racetrack, by just barely fitting into a racing sulky.  She seemed to
have only one!  She has an impeccable pedigree, with her father being Rustler
Hanover and her grandfather on her dam's side being the great Albatross.  She raced 142
times all over the country, with 17 wins, 26 places and 23 shows, and had lifetime earnings
of over  $83,000.  After an "xyz" injury in her left front digital flexor tendon, Whiter Than
Snow was sidelined and finished her racing days on July 16, 2008, in a claimer at Dresden
Raceway.  Her next stop was New Horizons Equine Center.  As she unloaded off the
trailer and looked around, she almost knew she was "home".  Whiter Than Snow will
begin her ground training in the spring of 2009 and is a promising dressage prospect!
New Horizons Equine Center Residents
Whiter Than Snow
Rustler Hanover (ON)-Keystone S O S-Albatross
Yankee Buck ~ A wonderful horse, Yankee Buck, or "Buck", is Whiter Than Snow's
half-brother, with his sire also being Rustler Hanover.  Almost a year ago to the day,
Yankee Buck fractured his coffin bone on the racetrack.  He spent a year in rehabilitation
and then went back to the track in a qualifier on September 21, 2008.  Eight weeks and
five races later, on November 18, 2008, Yankee Buck was pulled up on the turn for home
during a $4000 claiming race at Dresden Raceway.  He re-fractured his coffin bone.  It
was just by chance that I was visiting the racetrack on December 4, 2008, when I noticed
"Buck" standing in his stall.  After speaking with his trainer, it was clear to me that
"Buck" was done racing and was more than likely headed to an auction....probably to a
kill buyer.  One phone call later and Yankee Buck was on his way to New Horizons
Equine Center.  The infamous saying comes to my mind;
"You don't throw a whole life
away just cause it's banged up a little bit" ~ from the movie, Seabiscuit
Yankee Buck
Rustler Hanover (ON)-Betta Yankee-B GS Bunny
Kalos ~ a.k.a. Pickle ~ Kalos is Greek for "beautiful" and that's the only name we could
think of for this deserving yearling colt with a facial deformity......I received a call on December
29, 2008 from a gal who started the group and blog, Horsemen For Humanity.  She attends OLEX
auctions every Tuesday and tries to place horses so that they don’t end up on the kill truck.  She
noticed that there was a yearling colt, with a facial deformity, who went through the ring and no
We didn’t know the whole story about him.  She called me and told me about this little yearling
and posts a photo of him on her blog.  Well, that was it for me.  I made many, many calls to find a
trailer (which I ended up buying) and made the trek 3 hours up to Kitchener to get him.  She
secured him for me until Friday, January 2, 2009.  We met there, loaded him up and made the 3-
1/2 hour trek back here to New Horizons.  He’s the sweetest yearling you’ll ever meet.  Very
respectful and now, very happy and VERY wanted!!
Kalos ~ a.k.a. Pickle
Grapes Magic Trick
Cams Magic Trick (OH)-Grape Expectation-
Most Happy Fella
Grapes Magic Trick ~ 10 yr old "Grape" left the racetrack on June 12, 2005 and he did
so unsound.  An inflamed right knee left him feeling "sour grapes" and with good reason!  
With 81 lifetime starts, and lifetime earnings of only $56,000, "Grape's" vocation in life
seemed something other than pacing around the oval.  After rehabilitating, "Grape" was
geared towards western pleasure riding and was an absolute perfectionist about it!  The
16.2 hand "gentle giant" has been in several parades and is an all around wonderful horse!
Grape will continue his western training in the spring of 2009 and will also be prepping for
some local horse shows and maybe even tackle some trail classes!  
Inspiration Point
Allamerican Ingot (KY)-Moonson-Sonsam
Inspiration Point ~ His barn name is "Tex" and he is a five-year-old, 15.2 hand
gelding who last raced on February 8, 2009 at Windsor Raceway.  It was later discovered
that "Tex" has two splints in his left front ankle area.  His racing days are over but with
enough time off, "Tex" will make a sound pleasure horse!  He has a wonderful
temperament and is willing to please!  "Tex" will begin some light training in the summer
of 2009 where he will be guided towards being an English pleasure horse!
Cammibest-Dragon Shoes-
Dragons Lair
Millincolin ~ This 4 year old is as sweet as they come!  His barn name is "Colin" and he
just arrived at New Horizons Equine Center on June 20, 2009 and he is settling in well!  
More to come on Colin's progress!