New Horizons Equine Center is a "not for profit" equine rescue facility and therefore cannot
provide tax receipts for monetary donations.  However, we will graciously accept any of the
items on our wish list, or if you have other items not listed below, just e-mail me!  All donations
are greatly appreciated, and no donation is too small!


Our Wish List:

  •  Fencing
  •  Horse bedding ("Quick T'Pic" shavings)
  •  Grass hay
  •  Grooming supplies (brushes, curries, hoof picks, etc.)
  •  Feed and water buckets
  •  Blankets
  •  Leads - cotton with snaps, no chains
  •  Fly spray - water based
  •  Medical sprays and ointments
  •  Ivermectin de-wormers
  •  Tack boxes / trunks
  •  Bridles, bits, girths (cinches) and saddle pads (both English and Western)
  •  Polo wraps, shipping boots, splint boots
  •  Gently used riding clothes (both English and Western)
  •  Halters (all sizes - including "breakaways")
  •  Gates
  •  Round pen panels (90 degree corners preferred)
  •  Jumps (trotting poles, etc.)
  •  Carrots and apples (Pickle is the "Carrot King"!!)

Please mail items to:

New Horizons Equine Center
c/o Claudette Lemesurier
R.R. #5
Wallaceburg, Ontario
N8A 4L2

For larger items, please call or e-mail me to arrange delivery or pick-up.
New Horizons Equine Center

Latest News:

New Horizons Equine Center was
featured in "Tuesday's Horse", a
weekly publication of the Int'l Fund for
Horses, you can read about us here:
Tuesday's Horse


Helpful Tips:

If your horses have a bad habit of
chewing wood, rub some mild bars of
soap on your wooden fence rails or
fence post tops.  This is a safe and
effective way to discourage them from
doing so!


Quote Of The Day:

"There is no greater form of self
revelation than to look in the eyes of a
rescued horse."

~New Horizons Equine Center

"From Sulky to Sand Ring -
Providing Second Careers for Off-The-Track