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The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society
"The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society (OSAS) is an approved charitable organization, founded in 1996 to assist in the adoption
and relocation of retired and non-racing Standardbred horses within Ontario.  OSAS is operated by its own Board of Directors, and is
funded in part through fundraising, by some horse industry organizations and by private donations.  Our program helps to educate and
assist in the retraining and management of the horses. We match the desires and the abilities of each adoptive family to the
temperament and capabilities of the horse. Our follow-up on each horse after adoption adds to the strength of this worthwhile program.  
Volunteers and temporary foster homes are invaluable to the success of our program, and we are always looking for more help."

Ontario Harness Horse Association
"An interested group of owners, trainers, and drivers of Standardbred horses formed the Ontario Harness Horse Association in 1961.  The
purpose of the Association was to represent Ontario harness horsemen/horsewomen in negotiations of purses, racing conditions, and all matters
affecting the industry as a whole with the tracks, Standardbred Canada, the Ontario Racing Commission, and the Provincial and Federal
governments.  When it became apparent that the idea of such an Association was practical and useful, an application was made to the Provincial
Secretary to incorporate the Association.  On the first, (1st) day of February 1962, a Charter was issued in the name of ONTARIO HARNESS
HORSEMEN'S ASSOCIATION.  The main objectives of the Association as set out in the Charter are to encourage, improve, and promote the
breeding, and racing of trotting and pacing horses.  The incorporating members and first directors of the Association as shown on the Letters
Patent were Leslie Ehrlick, Hugh Thomas McConkey, and James Harold Holmes.  On January 19, 1992 an application was made and approved by
the provincial secretary to have the name Ontario Harness Horsemen's Association changed to the Ontario Harness Horse Association."

Standardbred Canada
"Standardbred Canada is an incorporated non-profit organization whose mandate is to supervise, record, store and distribute information on all
registered Standardbreds and to promote harness racing in Canada and beyond."

Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association
"The Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association (SBOA) endeavours to maintain and improve the racing program for Ontario's breeders
through representation on various committees and boards including the Ontario Sires Stakes Publicity & Promotion Committee, the
Standardbred Review Committee, the Horse Improvement Program and as the Breeders' representative on the Ontario Horse Racing Industry
Association Board of Directors."

Ontario Racing Commission
"Originally established in 1950 under the Racing Commission Act, the Ontario Racing Commission is a Crown agency of the Ontario
Government responsible for regulating the horse racing industry in Ontario.  The Commission reports to the Ministry of Energy and
Infrastructure and assists the ministry in fulfilling its responsibilities in ensuring public confidence and social controls in the gaming sector.  The
ORC maintains the integrity of the horse racing industry through regulation and standards setting."

Horsemen For Humanity
"We are a group of horsemen dedicated to recovering racehorses from slaughter."

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
"Our mission is to form a coalition of like-minded individuals and groups of individuals to defend Canadian equines from slaughter and the
export of Canadian equines for slaughter by raising public consciousness through education and achieving the enactment of legislation that will
ban these practices in Canada."

Triple Dead Heat
Keith McCalmont~Toronto, Canada
"Welcome to Triple Dead Heat!  I am a free-lance writer contributing to Down The Stretch newspaper.  Triple Dead Heat is a proud member of
Raceday 360 and the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance."

The Rider
Welcome to the new and improved Rider website.  We have made a number of exciting changes over the past few months which we hope will help
you stay informed and entertained.  Check back regularly for frequent updates.

Pull The Pocket
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View From The Racetrack Grandstand
View from the Racetrack Grandstand welcomes all lovers of the great sport of harness racing.  Feel free to participate in the conversation.

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